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An interview with the King Saudi National News on the 2013 UN Resolution on Human Trafficking. Raleigh spoke representing the UN position on the new resolution and their position on international compliance with anti-human trafficking standards.

An interview with a new 24-hour international TV news network called ARISE.TV with news centers in London, New York, Johannesburg and Lagos. The purpose of the interview was to discuss the issue of human trafficking and what we can do to stop it.

The Price of Life: NYC was a city-wide, campus-based, faith-inspired campaign addressing human trafficking in all its forms, spearheaded by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in partnership with 75+ diverse organizations.  Raleigh served as the Church partnerships coordinator for this event, encouraging local churches to partner with the students to see exploitation end in the city.  

Since 2012, Raleigh has worked with the churches of the Metropolitan Baptist Association to help them identify and respond to those trapped in exploitation. In the above video, he walks through one of many neighborhoods in NYC, where human trafficking is known to exist. He reminds us that "we will never be the hands and feet of jesus Christ, until we are first His eyes and ears."


Living in Light of the Good Samaritan      Raleigh Sadler

No Condemnation                                   Raleigh Sadler