New York City The arabic music playing in the cab reminded me that I was no longer in West Virginia. With each passing moment, the city became closer and my past adventures seemed further away. God had brought me to a new place, a different place: Manhattan!

The months of wrestling with questions of the will of God had led me to this moment. I was now no longer the WV Collegiate Evangelism Director. I had moved to pursue Gospel ministry with college students in the "Big Apple." The 594,000 college students in NYC warranted it. "How can there be only a handful of college ministers in a city so big?" What will it take for them to hear the Gospel?

It takes faith in the goodness and faithfulness of God.

Trusting that God is my provider, I will raise my own financial support and work with College Students and Human Trafficking abolition. For me to get to this point, one must know that God has stretched me more than ever. 2 years ago, I said that I would NEVER do two things: 1) Visit NYC and 2) raise my own financial support for ministry. The blog posts that follow will showcase the adventures that I have as I pursue God in the city.

If you desire to be a ministry partner, please click here . Type "Raleigh Sadler." This will lead you to my support page. Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel!!!